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  • What exactly is OZ MANAGEMENT?
    OZ Management is an online model & influencer agency. Helping current or aspiring digital content creators to establish or grow their brand and revenue online. Although we do handle OF accounts, we also help non OF influencers on social platforms negotiate brand deals and other digital opportunities for their career. Chat with us on here, or schedule a call to learn more.
  • What can OZ do to help my online modeling career?
    This is a loaded question as each client has different goals as well as opportunities and may utilize one or multiple platforms. As an example, if you have an OF account but do not like the day to day posting of content on social channels to drive new subscribers, or chatting with subscribers on your OF account to drive upsells, we take over those tasks for you. Others may just need guidance and help knowing how to grow or expand their brand, strategy on content, or even just help negotiating a brand deal to ensure it is profitable for them. Feel free to chat or schedule a call to learn more?
  • What is the cost to have OZ manage me?
    Again, this would depend on the level of management OZ will be handling. If you just need occasional consults to get strategy or advice then it is a per consult structure. If you need OZ to negotiate a brand deal, it is a percent of the deal (always covered by us getting more in the deal than you can alone). If it is an OF account, then it is zero financial investment upfront and we charge a percent of earned revenue based on the work we provide during our management. Feel free to chat or schedule a call to learn more.
  • How do I get started with OZ Management?
    Based on what you are needing, we always suggest booking an initial call prior to jumping right in. Outside of that here is our step-by-step process of getting started if you skip the call. 1-If you are new to online modeling, please start with this page and learn more about it and what you should consider prior to starting: LEARN MORE 2-If you are ready to move ahead, then you would need to decide if you need a consult or management. Consults are for gaining advice and strategy, where management is OZ handling the day to day for you. If you need a consult, fill out the form here: CONSULT If you are looking for management, you can fill out our application by clicking here: OZ APPLICATION Once we get your form, we will reach out to you for the next steps. If you have additional questions, please chat here or Book a Call with the team.
  • If I use OZ MANAGEMENT, does this make online modeling "PASSIVE INCOME"?
    No. Even with OZ MANAGEMENT managing your online career, you will still be required to attend weekly strategy calls as well as create and upload needed content into the secured shared drive for our team to use to generate earned revenue. Although we will drastically decrease the amount of work and time you have to invest, you will still have things that must be done on time so that we can do our job in generating revenue. That is why our slogan is, "MORE MONEY, LESS HASSEL" not "MORE MONEY, NO HASSEL". If you have questions about specifics, please chat here or book a call.
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